Covid-19 and Traveling

Covid-19 and Travel

It may be tempting for many people to use this time when they are working or learning remotely to travel. While it is possible to use this time to vacation, it is important to be aware of the risks you expose yourself and others to by doing so. Her are our recommendations for when and how to travel during the Covid-19 pandmeic

When in Doubt, Stay at Home

While there are measures that can be taken to reduce risk of infection while traveling, the best way to ensure your own health is by staying at home. If you feel it is absolutely necessary to travel, we recommend driving rather than flying when possible, as doing so reduces contact with strangers. 

Do the Research

Before traveling during the pandemic, be sure to thoroughly research all aspects of your destination. Avoid large cities and areas with high volumes of people. Check to see if your destination is allowing people from your country to come, and also check to see the number of Covid cases the location currently has as well as how many new cases it has seen in recent weeks and months. When staying with family or friends, it is best to isolate for 14 days upon arrival to ensure you are not an asymptomatic carrier of Covid. If this is not possible, consider social distancing and wearing a mask for the 14 day period instead. While this is not quite as safe, it is better than doing nothing. Additionally, try to pack most, if not everything, you will need  during your trip in order to avoid having to go to stores. And of course, always be sure to wear a mask in public. 

Additional Resources

The CDC website for travel is the best resource for anyone looking to remain safe while visiting friends, family, or a new location during the pandemic. This website has official statements by professionals and the advice given should be listened to by everyone during this time.

This video from the Washington Post describes some more precautions that everyone who chooses to travel during this time should take.

The Official World Health Organization website is a great resource that shows information about the current stat of Covid in each country. It has data related to the number of Covid deaths, cases, cases in the last 24 hours, how the cases were transmitted, and more. This is another vital resource for anyone considering traveling in the coming months